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I used to like toast.

Friday’s Five Funny Facebook Finds


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The Spanish Flu, Facebook, And That One Time I Was Told I Might Not Walk Again

…tl;dr: that’s me in my wheelchair — this is one of my favourite photos of me and my kids… Batman, Robin, and Sparrow. . In 2008 I was asked by the local historical society to put together an article regarding … Continue reading

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Ten Of My Favourite Books Because Twenty Would Be Just Annoying

tl;dr: …I like some things more than others. Also, it’s a photo of my grandfather, my oldest son, and me. It’s one of my favourites. . I’ve been reading a lot recently… or a lot more than I have been … Continue reading

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Aller à la chapelle

. tl;dr: …at least he didn’t burst into flames, so we must be doing something right. …Little Victor, my oldest son, had his first confession on Saturday. It’s one of those things you have to do, being a student in … Continue reading

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Kidney Update Thingee Part Nine: …the prednisone edition.

. . …tl;dr: those things are real. That’s not PhotoShop. Ketchup Doritos… for sale, in a public place. I’m diabetic. Type 2. It took me years to get my numbers under control. But they’ve been completely out of control for … Continue reading

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Kidney Update Thingee Part Eight: the horrible dick jokes version…

. . …lets get this thing going. I created this blog in 2015, with the idea of having a place to post about my favourite things. Two-years later and that’s pretty much still the plan, but I think I’ll also … Continue reading

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